About Us

What is A-Bomb Radio?

A-Bomb Radio is your hub for oldies of all genres, spinning between the 1920s-1960s for all you wanderers out there. Billie Holiday, Kay Kyser, Benny Goodman, Dion, & The Ink Spots are only to name a few of the multitude of our artists. 

And be sure to tune in for nearly dozens of civil defense messages -- telling YOU how to survive against atomic warfare, and even how to survive the world after! 

Don't Feed The Yao Gui!

 Erik Todd Dellums - the man behind the voice, was generous enough to lend his message of the good fight our way, and can be heard on ABR today! Big thanks to GNR! 

Variety on Demand!

We also broadcast all the music heard in Bioshock, Mafia II, & L.A. Noire. Anything to fit the mold. We also air HUNDREDS of songs from our very own library of music, from all genres!